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Zailiysky Alatau

Zailiysky Alatau? Northern spur Тянь-Шаня is unique that a lot of the objects interesting to tourists is concentrated to small distance. These are mountain tops (the highest point peak Талгар? 5017), set of the mountain rivers and falls (the most picturesque are located in gorge Turgenskom with difference of heights up to 50 meters), unique моренные and завальные lakes (the largest? The Big Almaty lake depth of 40 m, and as a pearl northern Тянь-Шаня the most beautiful lakes Kolsajskie). The big interest, undoubtedly, gorges Big Almaty, Бутаковское, Комиссаровское, Тургенское, Аксайское and Каскеленское, where before travellers предстанет разнотравье the Alpine meadows, beauty and grandeur of unique woods from тянь-шаньской represent a fur-tree. Here you can visit unique medical grassy древнесакскую a bath. Lasting many days travel on Заилийскому Ala Tau: авто-, conducted-, the pedestrian and horse rounds will give to you a unique opportunity to visit all high-altitude climatic zones: from лесолуговой with a wide circulation of coniferous woods up to glacial? Original mountain Arctic regions with taluses, glaciers and заснеженными tops.

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