Max travel Kazakhstan Agency

Max travel Kazakhstan Agency


Zailiysky Alatau

Travel to Almaty region, Kazakhstan, Central Asia. Zailisky Alatau is the northern range of Kazakhstan and it includes a number of interesting tourist spots. These are the mountain peaks (the highest point is Talgar – 5017m), numerous rivers and waterfalls (the most picturesque ones are in Turgen valley, up to 50 m high), unique lakes (the biggest is the Big Almaty Lake, 40m deep, and the Kolsai Lakes – a pearl of the northern Tian Shan). The Big Almaty, Butakovskoe, Komissar, Turgen, Aksai and Kaskelen gorges are very interesting to visit where there is diverse vegetation of alpine meadows and beautiful fir forests. Here you can visit a unique herbal bathhouse of the time of the ancient Scythians. Long tours in Zailisky Alatau including auto-, cycling, walking and on horseback tours will give you a chance to visit all the high climate zones: from the forests and meadows to the glaciers. Welcome to Kazakhstan, to Tian Shan Mountains!

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