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1 day tour

Turgen Gorge

Distance to the starting point of the tour 80 km, length of the tour 1,5 h. Departure at 8 am.
Visit the Issyk barrows on the way to Turgen. On the 61 st km of the main road we turn to the gorge of the mighty mountain river Turgen. At first the spacious gorge narrows towards the upper river. Look at the traces of the multicoloured clays on the rocks. In the upper part Turgen River the slopes are overgrown with Tian Shan firs and scrubs. Leave our cars at km 19 and walk along the well worn mountain path that in 40 minutes will bring us to the beautiful view of the 30 m high waterfall Medvezhy. Taking a few photos, return to our bus and move up the gorge. We can see unforgettable views on every turn. Have lunch and rest at a nice place. After lunch get familiar with local flora and fauna while walking on the slopes of the gorge. Go to the town at 6 pm. On the way back visit the Spring of Youth and Beauty.
Arrive at the town at 8 pm.

2 days tour

Batan - Assy - Bartagai

Length of the tour is 100 km.
Day 1. Leave the town at 8 am.
Visit Issyk barrows on the way to Turgen. Turn into the gorge of the mighty mountain river Turgen at km 61. Leave our bus and walk along the maintain path towards the beautiful sight of the 30m waterfall Medvezhy. Go back to the bus and move up the gorge. Have lunch on the liked glade. Go to the place called Batan. From here you can take a walk to the magnificent 50m high Kairaksky Waterfall and you can see the unique Chinturgen moss fur forests. The northern slopes are covered by a thick (60 cm) moss layer that is growing in permanent frost. Go up to the plateau Assy – a pace for pasture since ancient times. It’s a vast valley covered by different herbs and flowers. Higher up in the mountains there is one of the highest observatories of the ex-Soviet Union that still functions.
Have supper in the guest house of the observatory; watch the night sky through a telescope, sleep in the guest house.
Day 2. Have breakfast at 9 am. Excursion to the excavations of the bronze and early iron ages. There we can see stone constructions and find fragments of pottery. Lunch in the guest house at 2 pm. Go back to the town via the Bartagai Reservoir. Have a snack and leave at 6 pm. Arrival at the town at 9 pm.

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