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Turgen Gorge One of the most beautiful gorges of Zailiysky Alatau is situated on km 61 of the main Kuldgy road. The route extends the whole length of the gorge of the river Turgen. The mountain slopes are covered with luxurious vegetation at any season of the year. These places are especially beautiful in autumn when everything is colored in all hues of ochre. Along the road there are hotels, tourist resorts, cosy reastaurants and the famous trout farm where you can catch fish and have it fried for lunch. Going up in the mountains we reach the place where a path leads to the picturesque waterfalls Medvezhy and Buzgul. The most active walkers can climb 8 km up to the magnificent Kairaksky waterfall that is 55 m high. Passing through the settlement of Batan the road leads to the plateau Assy – a traditional place for herding cattle in summer.


Exceptionally clear air and the high number of sunny days in a year were the reasons why one of the highest observatories of the ex-Soviet Union was built here. Both professional and amateur archaelogists can have a chance to visit the excavations of the bronze and early iron ages. Batan and Assy are good places for many kinds of mushrooms. In this part of the Turgen gorge there are unique Chinturgen moss fur forests that grow in permanent frost. On the way back to the town travellers shouldn’t miss the Spring of Youth and Beauty at the mouth of the gorge. After a hot summer day and a long walk it’s nice to have a drink of exceptionally clean spring water, listen to the legend about the water’s miraculous powers and take back with you unforgettable impressions of the beautiful places in Kazakhstan!

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