Max travel Kazakhstan Agency

Max travel Kazakhstan Agency

Frequently asked questions

1. Which time is better for visiting Kazakhstan?

Better time for visiting Kazakhstan is from middle of April till June and from middle of August till October.
The temperature is + 20° + 22° C in the spring and autumn, +25° +30° C in the summer.

2. The quality of Hotels in Almaty and out of town

There are a wild choice of Hotels in Almaty and Zailiysky Alatau from 3* till 5*. There are a comfortable guest houses in National Park Altyn Emel, Charyn gorge, and Kulsai Lakes.

3. What are clothes you should take? 

Normally you should have a pair of sports shoes, summer sports wear and a jacket for rainy weather and cool evening as the daily fluctuations of temperature are 10-15 °C. Especially you should have a cap from the sun. However, all this thins you can buy here.

4. Whether at specific features of a diet of the tourist is there an opportunity of purchase of dietary and other special products?

There are a lot of products local manufactured and products of world brands including dietary. There is a wild choice a drinking mineral water in bottles.

5. Is there necessary to have any inoculations for visit Kazakhstan?

No, there is no necessary to make any inoculations, as in Kazakhstan there are not infectious diseases. You need to have standard insurance as in another country.

6. Is it possible to change US dollars and Euro on Kazakh Tenge?

The Kazakh national currency is Tenge. There are a lot of Exchanges.  Also you can change money in banks.

7. Is it safety to visit Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan stability develops as independence sate since 1991 year. And for these 15 years there was no one incident, which influents on safety of our visitors.
Any political events in the neighbor’s states are not reflected in internal calmness and well-being in our country.

8. Time:

GMT + 6 (GMT + 7 from last Sunday in March to Saturday before last Sunday in September).

9. Electricity:

220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Round 2-pin continental plugs are standard.

10. Communications:
All possible modern communication facilities are available in Almaty and many big towns in Kazkhstan. Post, Telephone and Telegraph are the main communication abilities for countryside.
Telephone and Fax: You can call any country anywhere in the world from any hotel in Almaty or you can use a normal taxophone using a telephone card of Kazakhtelecom. Telephone and fax service is also available in the Main Telephone Office in Almaty or in Fax bureau. Several of private communication companies also offer their service in many of big towns in Kazakhstan. Country code: + 7
Code of Almaty +7 3272).
Post mail: Full postal service is available any town (mainly by central post offices). Working hours: 8 a.m. 18 p.m. 5 days a week (Saturday and Sunday off). DHL worldwide, UPS express, PONY Express, EMS and other postal services are available in Almaty and many of big towns.
E-Mail and Internet: E-mail is available in most of the big towns where there is a telephone line. You can use this line with your modem and computer with Internet Service Provider (ISP) Kazakhtelecom or others (internet stretch-cards are also available to buy) or you can visit many of Internet Cafes in Almaty or other big town (they are open mainly 24 hours a day).

11. Who travels on these trips?
Our tours are suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. We have graded our trips to reflect the degree of difficulty and, in many instances; less strenuous optional activities are also possible. All you need is good health, an inquisitive mind and a spirit for adventure.

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