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3 days tour

Kolsai Lakes and Kayndi Lake

The one way length of the tour is 300 km, traveling time is about 6 hours.
Most of the route is on asphalted road and about 60 km on a dirt road. It brings us to the village of Satty which is 5 km from the first Kolsai Lake and 8km from the Lake Kayndi. The three Kolsai Lakes and Lake Kayndi are situated in picturesque mountain gorges and are surrounded by Tian Shan fir forests. Next day: drive to the first Kolsai Lake and then going either on foot or on horseback to the second lake (a distance of 6 km), the climb on foot takes about 2 and a half hours. Next day after breakfast we drive up to the Kayndi Lake. Return for lunch and leave for the town. The tour program included: catching trout, watching wild animals, horse riding.
Departure from the town at 9 am, return at 8 pm.

5 days tour

The Kolsai lakes, canyons of the river Charyn

This tour gives you a chance to be in the most beautiful area of mountain lakes with crystal clean water, surrounded by conifer forests, and of semi desert where canyons create a very unusual and beautiful landscape. Also you will have a unique chance to see the ancient ash tree grove that is 5 million years old! The grove has kept its original look since the global ice age.
Length of the route – 730 km.
Duration – 5 days.

Day 1. Departure at 8 pm. Go to the east towards the border with China, the distance is 300km, and the duration about 6 hours. Short excursion to the rocky canyon of the Charyn River on the way. Stop at the village Saty. Have a lunch at the guest house, excursion to the first Kolsai Lake. Return to the guest house, spend a night.
Day 2. The guests are given the chance to choose the place they want to go. One option is to drive to the first Kolsai Lake, then walk about 6 km to the second lake which will take 3 hours. Another option is to go to the lake Kayndy, then drive to the forest warden’s house and walk a distance of 3 km to the lake which takes 90 minutes. Lunch near one of the lakes, rest and returning to the guesthouse.
Day 3. Have breakfast, leave for a trip to the white canyon Uzun Bulak, a distance of 100 km, lasting 2 hours. Go to the canyon of the river Temirlik. Distance 50 km, lasting 1 hour. Go down to the canyon by foot, excursion to the ash tree forest, lunch and rest near the river. Return to the cars and a trip to the famous ash tree grove. Have supper. Spend a night in the cottages.
Day 4. Breakfast, trip to the Dereviannoe Lake, distance of 50 km, lasting 1hour 30 minutes, then an excursion to the sand dunes around the lake. Return to the cottages in the ash tree grove. Have lunch. Rest and fishing on the river Charyn. Have supper and a night’s rest.
Day 5. Have a breakfast, a trip to the canyon “Valley of the Castles”, distance of 130 km, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes. Excursion around the canyon, lunch near the river. Return to Almaty.

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