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Kolsai Lakes and the Kaindi Lake

In the eastern part of the Kungei Alatau at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level there is a whole constellation of the beautiful Kolsai lakes, which truly are the pearls of Zailisky Alatau. Unusually clean water, crystal clear air, majestic Tian Shan fur forests – all this attracts thousands of tourists here every year. It’s possible to stay here either at the hotel on the lake shore or put up a tent in any place you like. Everyone can do something he likes – walks, trips on horseback, fishing, picking mushroom and berries. Here you can see deer and mountain goats in their natural habitat. All this allows us to relax, recuperate our energy and save a lot of impressions for a long time. Not far from the Kolsai lakes in the middle of the conifer forest there is another lake called Kaindi which is 400 m long and 30 m deep. You can recognie the lake by the dead trees standing in the water. They don’t rot because the water is very cold. Trout is found in the nearby little rivers and the forest is full of mushrooms.


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