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Djungaria. The gorge of the river Kora.

In the south east of Kazakhstan there is an amazingly beautiful mountain land Djungaria. The word “djungaria” appeared in the written documents of the 18th century as the name of the oirat khan state. Complicated geographycal history of formation caused the originality of the landscape of this region that consists of two mountain ranges – Southern and Northern. The Djungar Alatau is a natural border with China and is 400 km long. The main touristic routes go along the biggest rivers – Kora, Chezhe, Koksu. The Kora’s gorge is one of the most beautiful in Djungaria. It begins from Tekely and extends to the mountain massif for 60 km. Tekely once was the town of miners and is now successfully reoriented towards the tourist business. The beginning the gorge is squeezed between massive vertical rocks. And it makes the wild river Kora goes down with even more fury. The road along the river can be passed only by good jeeps. There are forests around as far as you can see. Firs and silver firs take turns with the birches, and the clearings are covered by a colourful flower carpet. This diversity of flowers is loved by beekeepers. The road goes further up, the landscape is getting a bit more severe, the joyful birches are changing to the plateaus, or so called syrt. Scores of big and small waterfalls are rushing down the rocky mountains. The land was closed as a border area for decades, which allowed us to save such wild animals as brown bear, maral deer, mountain goat, not to mention wolves, foxes and hares, which often can be, see by the travelers. Because of the difficult road it takes 5 hours to pass 60 km along the gorge. But all difficulties are compensating for by a lot of impressions and the anticipation of seeing the biggest waterfall in Kazakhstan Burhan Bulak. It is worth to make all that journey for the sake of this sight. We’re amazed by the power of the water stream rushing down from a height of 90 m. Water splashes a hundred meters around covering all the plants with a silver mist of moisture.

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