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1 day tours

White canyon Uzun Bulak

Distance of the route is 220 km. Driving time is 4 hours.
The white canyon is further than the famous canyon Valley of the Castles. Pass Charyn Bridge and turn to the left from the main road; another 3 km and we are on the spot. The canyon looks very unusual because it’s made of white clay. That’s why the place is called the Moon Canyon. The landscape is picturesque; there is a stream with clean water. Also you can see here a 30 m long.clay cave. If there is some time left we can see another interesting place – the ancient images on rocks that are 2000 years old.  They are 20 km away from the White canyon.
The excursion starts at 7 am and ends approximately at 10 pm.

Canyon of Temirlik River

Distance of the route is 250 km. Driving time is 5 hours.
The route goes on the same road as towards the Valley of Castles and the White Canyon but goes 30 km further. There are many interesting objects in the canyon. There is a wonderful panorama viewpoint from which you can see the whole canyon. A small river flows in the canyon and in summer you can swim in it and catch fish. The Sogdian ash tree – the most ancient’s tree on earth grows here. These big trees give a nice shade in these desert places in hot summer.
The excursion starts at 7 am and ends at 10 pm.

2 days tour

Canyon Temirlik – hot spring

Distance is 320 km, driving time 5-6 hours.
Day 1. Depart at 7 am. Excursion to the canyon of the river Temirlik. Watch the canyon from the panorama viewpoint, go down to the canyon and pitch tents. Have lunch. After some rest take excursion to the other side of the canyon.
Day 2 . Have breakfast. A trip to the hot spring. Swim in the radon spring. Have lunch. Return to the city at 10 pm.

Valley of the Castles – the Ash tree grove – the Wooden lake

Distance of the route to the sleeping place is 250 km, driving time is 5 hours.
Day 1. Depart at 8 am. A trip to the Ash tree dacha (a country house), lunch. Excursion round the dacha, look at the oldest tree that is a few hundreds years old. A trip to the Valley of Castles. Survey the gorges, take pictures. Excursion round the evening canyon. Go back to the Dacha. Have supper, spend night in the cottages.
Day 2. Breakfast at 9 am. Excursion to the ancient Usun settlements, where the remains of houses, irrigation constructions, fragments of pottery can be found. A drive to the Wooden Lake, one side of which is desert and another side is steppe. In spring there are a lot of migrating birds here: herons, storks, ducks and others. The lake is not deep; you can swim here starting April-May. Lunch on the shore. Supper at the Dacha or on the way (by choice). Return to Almaty at 10 pm.

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