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Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon or Valley of Castles is a wonderful piece of architecture made by majestic Nature. Those who come here for the first time are astounded by the variety and uniqueness of the landscape. Rocks are shaped like columns, or towers – single rocks were formed as a result of sedimentary rocks being exposed to wind for thousands of years. It’s interesting to be there at sunset when the odd shapes appear at their most distinctive. Visitors feel like they are in a temple of nature. The canyon got its present appearance about a million years ago when spring melt water made its way to the river Charyn – the wildest river of the Semirechie region. The canyon reminds you of the famous Grand Canyon on the river Colorado but it is much smaller than its American brother. The length of Charyn Canyon is 3 Km, it is up to 100 m depp and the width varies from 20 m to 130 m. The place is not as lifeless as it may appears at first sight. On the river banks are abundant growths of tugay trees, of ancient poplars, of barberry trees, of willows. In the river there are oleaster salmon. In spring it gets especially lively here – you can see grey tits, white-throated hawks, pheasants and groups of partidges and you might scare off a sand hare. This place is famous for the ancient Sogdian ash-tree whose appearance has not changed for 5 million years since the great Ice Age which it successfully survived. The fishermen can catch fish in the Charyn River especially the Osman fish. Those who have visited this place fall in love with it and always want to come back again.

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