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1 day tour

1. Big Almaty Lake

The distance from the town to the Lake is about 28 km. Time on the road 1 hour 30 minutes.
The road goes through the mountains and can be negotiated only by jeep. The Lake is situated in the Big Almaty gorge, 2450 m above sea level and it’s surrounded by the mountains covered by Tian Shan firs which make it very picturesque. It’s a wonderful place to get away from the noise, smoke and heat of the town. You can take a walk round the Lake and up to the gorge.
The excursion starts at 9am and ends at 6 pm.

2. Big Almaty lake – the mountain pass Kosmostantsia – the Tourist peak (Big Almaty peak)

Distance from the town to the pass is 35 km; the ascent takes just over 2 hours.
This route passes Big Almaty Lake and goes further up to the pass which is 3300 m above sea level. It passes near an observation point. There is the Research Institute of the Space Particles on this pass. From here you can make an ascent to the Tourist Peak (3900 m) and Big Almaty Peak (3860 m). It’s not difficult to do. You have to really want to do the climbing, have normal physical fitness, good boots and a windproof jacket.
The excursion starts at 6am and ends at 7 pm.

2 days tour

Big Almaty lake

Distance is 35 km, driving time 2 hours.
Day 1. Arrive to the observatory, check into the hotel, and have lunch. Excursion on foot to the Lake. In the evening, if the weather is good, watch the sky through a telescope.
Day 2. After breakfast drive up to the pass Kosmostantsia. Excursion to the foot of the Big Almaty Peak or an ascent to the peak from which you can see a beautiful panorama of two gorges Prohodnoy and Big Almaty gorge. Have lunch in the observatory, rest, returning to Almaty.
Departure at 9 am, return at 6 pm.

3 days tour

Lake Zhasylkol, a brilliant in mountains frame!

Lake Zhasylkol is considered one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of Zailisky and Kungei Alatau! The Lake is situated in the western part of Chilikkemin where two big mountain ranges Zailisky Alatau and Kungei Alatau come together. The lake is 3500 above sea level. It differs from the other lakes by its unusually blue color which can be compared with the deep blue sky. No other lake of this region can compete with its color. Probably it’s because the water gets thoroughly filtered while going from glaciers underground to the lake. Zhasylkol is hidden behind the big moraine that is its natural dam. To see the lake you have to climb on the dam from the gorge of the river Chon Kemin. You‘ll be thrilled by the beautiful view!
Day 1. 9 am – departure from Almaty to the Big Almaty gorge. Go up to the Big Almaty Lake, excursion around the Lake.
Going along on the mountain path up to the pass Ozerny where the altitude is 3500 m. Have a short rest on the pass, taking pictures of the landscape. Descend from the pass to the gorge of Chon Kemin River. Here set up camp for a night’s rest.
Day 2. 8 am – leave the camp either on foot or on horseback. Ford two little rivers and move up to the gorge. Before Chon-Kemin River, in the place where the two rivers Chon Kemin and Aksu merge, turn left and walk along the river Chon Kemin to the gorge that is partitioned by the ancient moraine. Climb on top of the moraine to see the source of the river Chon Kemin. Its water is much cleaner than the water in the river Aksu. In some time a beautiful view of the unique lake Zhasylkol opens up in front of us. Go down to the lake to have some rest and lunch. This trip takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Not later than 12.30pm we start to return to the camp because after 2 pm the level of the river South Western Talgar rises which makes it difficult to cross. Have supper in the camp, a night’s sleep.
Day 3. Have breakfast at 9 am. Pack up our tents and go back through the pass Ozerny to the Big Almaty Lake. Have lunch and some rest near the lake. Return to the town.

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