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Max travel Kazakhstan Agency


Big Almaty Lake

The big Almaty Lake is situated in the upper reaches of the Big Almaty gorge at the altitude 2500 m. It is surrounded by the mountains covered by Tian Shan fir, pine and juniper. It’s just 90 minutes drive from Almaty, and you can make an ascent to the peaks from 3900 m to 4400 m above sea level. The lake’s surface area is 1,6 km, it’s fed by glacier water and it ‘s the main source of drinking water supply for the city of Almaty. The lake looks beautiful in any weather and season of the year. Many photographers try to come here between the seasons. For example when the golden splendor of autumn gets covered by the first snow and the lake changes its color. You can visit the observatory and the Research Institute of Space Particles here. Here at the altitude 3300 m there is a hotel on the Zhasylkezen pass. These unique places are just 90 minutes drive from the biggest city of Kazakhstan.


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