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Max travel Kazakhstan Agency



In the steppes of Sary Arka there is a unique Balkhash Lake, the eastern part of which is fresh and the western part is salty. The biggest lake of Semirechie extends to 600 km. The nature of Balkhash is very unique. In spring numerous flocks of migrating birds are coming here. You can go by canoe in the reed jungles where more than 60 species of birds are nesting (among them swans and pelicans). The lake is a home to many other animals like otter and musk-rat. Recently tigers, kulans and djeiran antilopes could be found here. The flora of Balkhash is also rich (more than 1200 plant species). Since Balkhash is a quite shallow and warm lake, it has a lot of phytoplankton that feeds many types of fish. The fishermen will find everything they need here. Catching big specimens of cat fish, carp, pike and other fish will fully compensate their patience.


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