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Max travel Kazakhstan Agency


3 days tour in the national park Altyn Emel

Distance to the starting point is 150 km, driving time is 3 hours.
Day1. Drive by the route Almaty-Chingeldy-national Park Altyn Emel. Have lunch on the way. Visit petrogliphs of the Bronze Age (7-3 centuries BC) in Terektysai valley. Engravings on the rocks of wild and domestic animals, hunting scenes, rituals are of special interest.
Then drive to the valley Kyzylauiz. Here we stay for a night in cottages or in yourtas. Then have a walk to the picturesque waterfall Snowy, which is 15 m high. A unique “iron” tree grows at its foot; the wood of the tree is so dense and heavy that it sinks in water. Not far away in the gorge Kaskyrsai there is a cave Ungirtas, it can house a few hundreds of people. Supper (you can try koktal, shashlyk or beshbarmak – national kazakh dishes). Have a rest.
Day 2. Have breakfast. Drive to the barrows Beshatyr – the graves of the eastern Scythians that lived on this territory between 7th and 4th centuries BC. Altogether there are 31 barrows of different sizes and hundreds of ritual mengirs (stone columns) that remind us of Stonehenge. The biggest barrow is 17 m high and more than 100 m in diameter. Then go to the unique singing dune, whose buzz reminds us of the jet plane whine On the way back visit the source of Chokan Valikhanov and seeing the giant stones of Oshaktas, according to the legend it’s where Chinqiz Khan had his cauldron that fed 10 000 of his warriors. Spend night in a village Mynbulak. It’s possible to go fishing on the river Ili.
Day 3. After breakfast drive to the landscape memorials of the nature – the mountains Katutau and Aktau. The massif of Katutau was formed as a result of volcanic activity and presents a strange sight of perforated mountains. The cavities are so deep that they can easily hide you. Aktau are Chalk Mountains and are colored from blue to red. The view is so unusual that you can easily imagine yourself on some other planet. After a walk round the colored mountains we drive to the village Baschy – the centre of the national park. Have lunch in the comfortable hotel. Visit the museum of Nature and full of impressions return to the city. During the whole journey you can see kulans, djeiran antilopes, teks, mountain goats, numerous birds and a great number of plants and insects that are entered into the Red Book.

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