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Altyn Emel

In the middle of the river Ili there is a national park Altyn Emel that brings together different types of landscape – from the sandy deserts to the mountain ranges Sholak, Kalkan, Aktau. It will be interesting for travellers to see the valley Beshatyr, where there are 31 barrows, the biggest one having a diameter of 108 m and a height of 17 m. The barrows are surrounded by the stone fences, which remind us of the famous Stonehenge. Also it is interesting to visit the singing dune that is situated between the ranges Big and Small Kalkan. This 3km mound of sand starts to buzz in dry and windy weather. A peculiarity of the giant dune is that it hasn’t moved on the plain for thousands of years. The travellers will see petrogliphs in one of the gorges. A strange sight is the Katutau mountains which are volcanic by origin and have huge holes in them. The colourful Aktau mountains are odd formations that rose from the bottom of an ancient sea and they are of all possible colours – from blue to red. Their length is 30 km, and their age is about 400 million years.

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